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Since 2011, we have presided over the water treatment and fluid handling pump market, but in recent years we have broadened our horizons towards the Coffee, Vending, HORECA and Cleaning sectors.
Our innovative solutions are designed and manufactured both in-house and in collaboration with leading international manufacturers such as Aquatec, a Californian company specialising in the production of diaphragm pumps.
Our focus on quality and how to best meet our customers’ needs, always offering state-of-the-art products, has allowed us to grow and establish ourselves on the market over the years.

About Us

Our methodology

From idea to product


Do you need to develop your own idea for a unique application? We can help you by offering the experience and expertise we have gained over the years.


Whether you need to find a new solution or optimise your current systems, our team is ready to support you and develop the project together with you.


Quality, cost optimisation and time control are the cornerstones of our experts' work to find a solution that exceeds your expectations.


In recent years we have been evolving more and more, moving from being a distributor of solutions to a manufacturer of state-of-the-art systems. Managing large customers does not prevent us from providing the flexibility to support developing companies and our customers at their production entities around the world.



Our Focuses


Regardless of the sector or type of product to be developed, the experience and expertise of our engineers and technicians make us a point of reference for the application needs of all customers.

  • Engineering
  • Development

    We are constantly investing in the technical development of state-of-the-art products that combine technological innovation and energy efficiency, thus meeting the diverse application needs of our customers.

  • Development
  • Logistics

    With our new production and logistics facility, opened in 2020, we have expanded the space dedicated to our production and increased the efficiency of storage and handling of our solutions.

  • Logistics
  • Quality

    In order to ensure that our solutions conform to the required functionality and technical characteristics, we carry out thorough quality checks every day, and product assembly and testing are performed according to the strictest guidelines dictated by the quality management system certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

  • Quality
  • Customer Oriented

    We realise solutions for large, medium and small industry, offering standard and customised solutions, developed in cooperation with leading companies worldwide.

  • Customer Oriented
    • Applications

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