ISO 9001

Our mission: to guarantee quality.

Thanks to our system of procedures and responsibilities, we are able to have clear, transparent and measurable processes.

The quality management system certification issued by TUV Italia, according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, confirms our constant commitment to quality and customer service.

This recognition is an essential tool to demonstrate to our partners the efficiency of our processes and our willingness to work to the best of our ability to meet market demands.

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Why choose IPM Technologies

Our philosophy

The customer at the centre

We are constantly striving to ensure the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

Our solutions are suited to the needs of large, medium and small companies and various industrial sectors.

The philosophy that unites them is simple; to be projected into the future by striving for excellence and continuous innovation and trying to anticipate and satisfy customer needs and expectations as best we can.

Our solutions

Customisation, customisation and production on demand

Thanks to our Research and Development division, we can offer the design of complex solutions and satisfy all our partners’ requests; from customising an engine to developing a complete solution.

Today we are completing our evolution and corporate repositioning from ‘component distributor’ to ‘innovative system producer’.

In addition, we are able to manage and co-ordinate the supply chain globally and support our customers at their production entities around the world.

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Our methodology

From idea to product


Do you need to develop your own idea for a unique application? We can help you by offering the experience and expertise we have gained over the years.


Whether you need to find a new solution or optimise your current systems, our team is ready to support you and develop the project together with you.


Quality, cost optimisation and time control are the cornerstones of our experts' work to find a solution that exceeds your expectations.


In recent years we have been evolving more and more, moving from being a distributor of solutions to a manufacturer of state-of-the-art systems. Managing large customers does not prevent us from providing the flexibility to support developing companies and our customers at their production entities around the world.

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