About us

Cutting-edge, flexible and global.

Founded in 2011, we specialised in the production and marketing of high-performance diaphragm pumps for the water treatment and fluid handling sector and, since 2012, we have been an official partner of the Californian company Aquatec, thus consolidating our long-term collaboration.

In recent years, we have moved closer and closer to the world of motors and gearmotors dedicated to the coffee and vending sectors (in close collaboration with our partner IPC – International Power Components Srl, a leading company in the electric motor sector).

Our evolution

  • 2011

    Birth of I.P.M. Technologies

  • 2012

    By virtue of the many years of collaboration with the Californian company Aquatec, an official partnership is formed between the two companies

  • 2013

    I.P.M. Technologies becomes the owner of a patent for a 230V brush motor, the result of extensive research and development, which complies with Atex regulations.

  • 2016
    Research and Development

    A unit takes shape, initially to support production, which over time consolidates its R&D functions, namely the laboratory. During 2016, I.P.M. Technologies obtains MOCA certification.

  • 2020
    New challenges

    Inauguration of the new building in Via Pola, which houses the production lines, warehouse and offices

    A bright future

    Today I.P.M., which can boast of being present with its products on all continents, is progressively entering other market sectors such as vending, coffee and metal parts, with the aim of constantly improving performance and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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Our Strength

Research and development, laboratory and production

Our strength comes from 30 years of experience in mechatronic components and systems.

In recent years, we have further strengthened our Research and Development division, so that we can offer the design of complex solutions and meet all our partners’ requirements; from customising an engine to developing a complete solution.

With the inauguration of the new production unit, we have significantly increased our implementation and management capabilities. Our aim is to increasingly integrate the supply of components with the development, production and in-house assembly of semi-assembled systems.

The company’s structure is completed by the brand new laboratory, our department equipped with the most advanced technical instrumentation and dedicated to all-round quality; every day, thorough tests and checks are carried out to verify the functionality, characteristics and performance of our products.

Our methodology

From idea to product


Do you need to develop your own idea for a unique application? We can help you by offering the experience and expertise we have gained over the years.


Whether you need to find a new solution or optimise your current systems, our team is ready to support you and develop the project together with you.


Quality, cost optimisation and time control are the cornerstones of our experts' work to find a solution that exceeds your expectations.


In recent years we have been evolving more and more, moving from being a distributor of solutions to a manufacturer of state-of-the-art systems. Managing large customers does not prevent us from providing the flexibility to support developing companies and our customers at their production entities around the world.

Our philosophy

The customer at the centre

We are constantly striving to ensure the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

Our solutions are adapted to the needs of large, medium and small companies and various industrial sectors.

The philosophy that unites them is simple; to be projected into the future by striving for excellence and continuous innovation and trying to anticipate and satisfy customer needs and expectations as best we can.

Our Team

The IPM family

“People first”, as Anglo-Saxon companies are wont to say.

The success of our company is the result of the collaboration of all its people. Our multicultural and multinational staff is effectively integrated, and succeeds in making diversity a real asset.

Our competitive advantage lies in creating interpersonal relationships that are not limited to a simple exchange of technical or commercial information, but in developing an honest, transparent and engaging flow of communication.

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