The Horeca sector is an important driver of the global economy, contributing significantly to employment and economic growth, and the increasing focus on sustainability is driving companies in this sector to equip themselves with energy-efficient, high-performance and easy-to-maintain machinery. To meet these demands, manufacturers need innovative and efficient components such as those offered by IPM.


The search for high quality products and the preference for fresh and natural ingredients has driven the growth of the juicer market in recent years.

The wide range of components offered by IPM for these machines makes it possible to meet the demands of performance and reliability, whether they are professional solutions for the Horeca sector or juicers for domestic use.

Ice crushers

Mainly used in contexts such as bars, restaurants and hotels, ice crushers are machines that differ according to their production capacity, crushing speed and the size of ice they can handle. To meet these different requirements, IPM has a wide range of efficient, innovative and easy-to-maintain components.


The growing interest in wellness and health in recent years has influenced the market for centrifuges, essential tools for preparing fresh juices and smoothies. Increasingly popular in bars and restaurants, as well as in the home, these machines require efficient, easy-to-maintain and high-performance components: discover the solutions offered by IPM.

Drink dispensers

Used in commercial environments such as bars, restaurants and hotels, drink dispensers are designed to dispense drinks quickly and accurately while maintaining the quality of the drink served. For these beverage dispensing systems, IPM offers a wide range of solutions to meet the technical requirements and adapt to the different types of drink dispensers on the market.

Chocolate makers

In order to melt chocolate and keep it at the ideal temperature for the preparation of chocolate-based drinks and desserts, businesses such as cafés, restaurants and pastry shops cannot do without chocolate makers. These machines, having advanced features such as temperature control and automatic mixing, today need efficient, high-performance and durable components, solutions that IPM offers in its wide range.

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