Accuracy and reliability of product output are among the most important factors to take into account when building components for the vending industry.

For this reason, IPM offers innovative solutions that provide the full motion control and accuracy needed in these applications.

Food & Beverage vending machines

Due to their growing popularity and convenience, vending machines are now increasingly popular in locations such as stations, shopping centres, schools and offices.

IPM solutions for vending machines allow products such as cold drinks and snacks to be offered efficiently and without affecting the quality of the products themselves.

Non food vending machines

Vending machines are popular because they now offer products such as drugs, cigarettes and consumer electronics quickly and easily.

Thanks to its experience, IPM now offers vending machine manufacturers components that make their solutions efficient and durable.

Hot drinks vending machines

The market for hot beverage vending machines is large and diverse, with solutions for different products, locations and needs.
The components offered by IPM make it possible to increase the efficiency of these systems, including energy efficiency, and to maintain the quality of the drinks.

Automatic Compactors

Automatic compactors for recycling plastic bottles are increasingly common in public places such as parks and commercial areas, especially in countries where environmental sustainability has become a priority for institutions and the community.

The technology behind these solutions requires durable, efficient and easy-to-maintain components.

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